3D Laser Scanning

Providing 3D Point Clouds and Related products to Industry since 2005

Lloyd & Hill first started laser scanning in 2005. Since then we have been priviledged to serve clients such as Sasol, Engen, and Chevron in the petrochemical Industry, Eskom and Koeberg NPS among many others. We are also pleased to be providing Architects and Engineers various products including Revit models and Complex analysis reports on deformation. We have also enjoyed providing as-built models to the film industry and have been part of numerous productions that have been filmed in Cape Town.


Read on to learn more about our services in BIM, Engineering and more.

Revit NRME

What is 3D Laser Scanning?

3D Laser Scans or High Definition Surveys (HDS) has become the most efficient way of creating or verifying 3D As-Built models. A laser scanner digitally recreates its surrounding environment by measuring a high density array of point positions to form a "point cloud". This point cloud can be digitally viewed, sliced, used for distance measurement, volume calculations, surface and solid modeling.

Plant Scan
Reducer 2




Products and Applications


As BIM grows in popularity, Lloyd & Hill Inc is positioned to provide the spatial services that make BIM work as it is intended. BIM models must be accurate and reliable, being a digital ‘virtual reality’. LHI maintain strict site accuracy standards to ensure that at all stages the BIM process benefits from reliable data throughout a project life-cycle.

We maintain this capability by keeping abreast of international hardware and software trends and by continuously innovating new ways of providing the South African Professionals with the products and services they need.

Lloyd & Hill Inc are members of the BIM Institute


Industrial Design & Fabrication:
A 3D point cloud that accurately represents reality is used by engineers in the design of modifications and new plant that must be integrated with existing components. The advantage of knowing in detail what exists in the as-built/as-is environment results in substantial savings by ensuring that pre-fabricated equipment fits first time. Furthermore, all detail in view of the scanner is captured in the field and can therefore be identified and measured at any stage using the scan model, without the need to revisit a site.

Point clouds have become a standard requirement for complex reverse engineering or modification projects.

CAT NozzleDim Plan










Historical Records:
Architectural and archaeological records can be stored in digital form by scanning buildings or artifacts, and colouring them according to the images. Any measurements can be made, or 2D plans generated subsequently using the digital 3D model.



Products offered by Lloyd & Hill Inc
3D Point Cloud - now this can be imported into standard CAD and design packages
As-built Revit Models
3D Solid Models and Surfaces
Mesh Surfaces

Flatness, verticality and deformation studies

2D Line Drawings - Plans/Sections/Elevations
Volume and other calculations
3D Scanner Hire


Architecture: as-builts/ as-is plans, sections and elevations, data source for BIM, shop fitting and interior design
Civil, structural and pipe engineering - accurate as-is data, Finite Element analysis
Nuclear, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas - Reverse Engineering, 3D as-built for modifications, tank calbration
Marine: modification/body&lines, deformation
Construction QC and monitoring
Film Industry – camera tracking, set extensions prop and scene models for CGI
Geo-technical - monitoring
Archaeology & Heritage documentation






Our Scanning Philosophy

LHI believe that scanning must be grounded on an accurate survey that firmly relates the point cloud to the site coordinate system. Therefore our scanning team comprises well trained Survey Technicians managed by a Professional Surveyor who ensures that the overall registration and work flow will meet project specifications.

Ideally a point cloud should generate very high relative accuracy within a given cube but maintain good absolute accuracy across the whole site. This is achieved with well controlled and high precision survey performed simultaneously with the scans.

We aim to scan as much as possible in a day on site with the security of checked survey measurements within the accuracy specs and with the due safety precautions that are prescribed for work in that area.

Spherical Imagery

Spherical Imagery is an additional product that we deliver as part of a scanning project, with the photography taken from the same position as the scans.

Plant 1


Alongside the spherical images are "TrueViews", a Leica software product, being spherical views from each scan scentre. These are measureable in MS Internet Explorer being directly derived from the point clouds.

As-is point coud with design overlay http://www.lloydhill.co.za/media/images/201409041409815373115.jpg

Snapshots from spherical viewer showing greyscale intensity-based
point clouds. A design model overlaid
in the same view is shown on the right.