Cadastral and Topographical Surveys


Lloyd & Hill Inc are Professional Land Surveyors, registered with PLATO, and members of the South African Geomatics Institute (SAGI).  

Much of our business in and around Cape Town is of a cadastral nature, and hand-in-hand with this, we offer the standard engineering topographical survey services.

Our services in the Western Cape include:

  • Beacon relocations
  • Land Surveyor’s certificates
  • Sectional TitleKatherine Adderley Str
  • Subdivision and consolidation
  • Subdivision applications
  • Servitudes and other land rights issues
  • Urban planning
  • Topographical site plans
  • Height certificates
  • Basement certificates
  • Rental Area Certificates
  • Expert evidence in legal disputes
  • Exploration, Mineral, Offshore Prospecting Lease and Mining Rights Diagrams